FILE #09-01, Track discovered by hunter.
September 07, 2009
TIME: 1200 hrs. local
LOCATION: Game trail near mile 1247 of the AK Highway

One left track was discovered.  Measurement from heel to toe was 18 inches.  Track width measured 9 inches.  
The track was discovered in a small muddy section of a game trail.  No other tracks were discover in the vicinity.
 The area of the discovery is filled with muskeg and birch trees.
File #11-01, Two Close Encounters by Snowbound Travelers
October 30, 2008
TIME: 0200 hours local
LOCATION: Haines Highway near Summit Mountain

“…We got going at 6:00 AM the next day, and by evening we had passed through Haines Junction, Yukon
and were well into the BC mountains as a snow-storm hit us. We slowed to about 15mph because the visibility
at times was less than a hundred feet. Even so, at the height of land near Summit Mountain, we slipped off to
the right on a right uphill curve. We had seen no other traffic all night going either way, and had to try
digging out. It was dark, but we kept the car running and by the headlights and occasional moonlight we would
dig out, move a few yards uphill, then slide off again. This happened over and over for hours. It was sometime
around 2:00 AM when Witness #2 called out and I noticed a dark manlike shape about six feet tall watching
us on the summit bluff about fifty yards away to the east. The bluff was a 20 foot cliff facing the highway with
the round height of land just behind it. The snow was reflecting light from the headlights and maybe patches of
moonlight, I don’t know, but we could see it clearly enough to know it was not a bear. It just stood watching us,
standing in the snow about twenty feet above us, not moving or making any noise. I have no idea how long it
had been there watching us.  Witness #2 ran to the car, and before I could react, grabbed a machete that we
kept as a tool in the car ran to the edge of the road and started waving it and screaming at the creature,
trying to scare it off.

After watching Witness #2’s actions for only a few seconds, it turned to its right and I watched it walk away in
the snow along the top of the bluff for about fifty feet before disappearing over the flat summit. We talked
about what it could have been for a minute or two, then we got back to work digging. The snow was not coming
down right at the time and we were making headway when, about five minutes later, another figure
appeared, much taller than the first. I would estimate the second creature to have been about nine feet tall
and heavily built, with shoulders that looked three to three and a half feet wide. It was dark-colored like the
first and there was a breeze that was blowing its hair on the arms… the hair looked to be about eight to ten
inches long where I could see it blowing to the side. The creature was facing directly towards us and was
bobbing up and down, in a way that, to me, looked menacing, kind of like going from a crouch with hands close
to the bent knees, then straightening up and down again. At no time did I see either of the creatures go down
on all fours, and at this point I could see the whole body of the big one right down to where the snow came to
just below its knees. I would best describe it as like a football linebacker bobbing up and down before
blitzing. I got a distinctly uneasy feeling, and before I knew it, Witness #2 was going for the machete again
and was starting in on his “scare-it-off” thing. I took one more look at the creature and called to Witness #2:
“Get in the car, now!”

He looked at me a moment and then got right into the car and we locked the doors. He was still holding the
machete. I looked over and the big one was still looking at us, crouching and bobbing up on the bluff. Witness
#2 was extremely upset and was talking about having to defend ourselves. I just said to him, “Look, there’s no
point in getting all worked up the way things are. We might just as well sit tight and try to relax. If that thing
wanted to, it could easily just walk down here and rip the roof right of the car. Let’s just settle down, don’t even
look at it, and maybe it’ll calm down and go away.”  

“I reassured him as best I could and hunkered down behind the wheel. Witness #2 was curled up in the back. I
remember saying a prayer for us. I did look back out once briefly about five or ten minutes later, I’m not
exactly sure how many minutes, but I do remember when I looked a last time, it was gone.”

“After what must have been at least an hour in the car, we got back out and didn’t hear or see anything. We
had been digging for only a few minutes when lights came up the highway behind us, slowed and, just like us,
slid off to the right. It was a small red truck, two-wheel drive, driven by a little older woman with white hair.
We were just getting her unstuck when a snowplow came up behind her, driven by an American who, I believe
was contracted to plow through to the Haines, Alaska side. He seemed to know the lady, because he said,
“(Driver’s name of other vehicle), you know you shouldn’t be out here in weather like this...” We saw her get up
over the top of the highway and off down the other side, and the plow driver used his blade to clear away all
the snow on the stuck side and got us out too.”

“We made it down to Haines safely about forty-five minutes later, in time for a breakfast at a cafe and the
early ferry. I had told Witness #2 we didn’t want to be slowed down by talking about any of the events; I just
wanted to eat without any delays and make the ferry. But one thing did happen that gave me a bit of the
chills. In a corner of the café, about three booths away there was a group of older men having coffee and
talking. I could hear their conversation and I heard them mentioning sasquatches. One of them commented to the
effect, “yeah, they’re around… a couple was just talking about seeing some of those critters up on top
recently…” (Investigator’s Note: The term “on top” possibly refers to being on or near the summit of the Haines

“We made it home on the ferry safely, and that is my experience. Witness #2 has moved away and we don’t
keep in touch. Going over the sighting, I did not make out really clear details of the faces but will say that
these were not bears of any kind. The legs, arms and hair on both were too long, there were no ears sticking
up on the top of the head, and they were wide–shouldered with the heads set low on the shoulders. The total
time I watched the first smaller creature was approximately thirty seconds. The larger creature stayed in view
for about ten minutes. The details of the creatures as I remember them are accurate to the best of my ability,
although the estimates of distances might be a few yards off, and the heights may vary by a few inches.”

This report is courtesy of J. Robert Alley, Sasquatch Tracker Associate, Southeast Alaska Region.  The two men
involved had purchased a new vehicle in Anchorage, AK and had visited Witness #1’s father in Willow, AK
before departing for the Alaska Marine Highway ferry at Haines, AK at 0600 on October 29, 2008.  Once
aboard the ferry, they would make their way back to their homes in Ketchikan, AK.  For those unfamiliar with
the road system in Alaska, driving from the interior region of Alaska to the southeastern region of Alaska
involves driving partially through the Yukon Territory and the northern part of British Columbia, reentering the
United States and then heading south via the ferry from Haines, AK.  

Witness #1 did not specify if the second sasquatch appeared in the same place as the first one.

Witness #1 made a reference to the BC mountains meaning he and the other witness had already driven the
portion of the highway that passes through the Yukon and were in the northern section of British Columbia within
a few miles of the United States – Canada International Border which is approximately 40 miles north of
Haines, AK.

After recounting the encounter with Alley, Witness #1added, “Although neither of the creatures made any
sounds that I could hear and we didn’t go looking for tracks, I would say, having seen various TV documentaries
on sasquatches, that on October 30, 2008 I definitely observed two sasquatches beside the Haines Highway
near the summit west of the highway north of Haines, Alaska and south of the Yukon.” Witness #1 has a signed
affidavit testifying to the details of his encounter on file with Alley in Ketchikan, AK.
File: #10-1: Possible Sasquatch Sighting while on Denali Park Bus Tour
August 05, 2010
LOCATION: Denali Park Road    

…”When we were winding down a particular turn, I thought I saw something moving in the valley below.  I
didn't say anything at this point since we were too far away to make out what it was.  To me it looked like a
hiker wearing all black from head to toe.  This wasn't really feasible since hiking was prohibited on this stretch
of the park, so I figured I was just seeing it wrong and that it might actually be a moose.  We were heading
lower toward where it was, so I waited before calling it out to the (bus) driver.

Once we got down lower, I caught a second glimpse of it.  The depth perception is hard to determine in the vast
scenery, but I did realize that whatever it was, it was much, much larger than a person.  At this point it looked to
be covered in thick black fur and it was moving away from us over a ridge.  I yelled out to the (bus) driver that
I had a spotting, but as I was explaining where to look, the thing disappeared over the ridge.  One other
person said they thought they saw something as well, but I did feel kind (of) dumb at calling out something that
nobody else really got a look at.

At that moment, I thought it was a moose moving away from us and that my eyes were fooling me into making it
look like a large person.  I gave it no thought at first, but when we finally did see a moose, I couldn't help but
think it looked nothing like what I saw.  First of all, the moose wasn't nearly as shaggy.  Secondly, the moose
was very distinctly brown colored whereas what I saw was definitely a very dark black color.  In fact, none of
the large animals we saw on our Alaskan trip were black - the bears, moose, and caribou were all clearly

INVESTIGATIVE SUMMARY:  The narrative has been edited for length.  The witness contacted Sasquatch
Tracker via email on 05AUG11.  The witness stated that his/her vision had been corrected via laser eye
surgery and is 20/20.  The witness was prompted to report the sighting after watching a television program
with a friend that featured sasquatch. The witness expressed that after hearing physical descriptions of
sasquatch on the television program, that the descriptions given matched the physical descriptions of the
possible sasquatch witnessed during the bus tour.  The witness also mentioned that several of the reports posted
to further supported the claim.  

The witness further stated that he/she had …”always pictured sasquatch as the brown haired "Harry and the
Hendersons" image that is popularly depicted.  It definitely made me think back on what I saw in Alaska.  Now
I'm not typically the type of person to believe in sightings of what I consider urban myths - I don't believe in
UFOs, ghosts, aliens, or the Loch Ness monster.  Sasquatch used to be on that list too.  However, upon seeing
that program and reading your website, I feel a little more inclined to believe there's some credibility to this.  I
know it's nothing concrete - just a glimpse of something unusual from a distance.  However, the similarities with
what I saw and what other people claimed to see is too remarkable to be mere coincidence.”