Privacy Policy:
Your identity will be
protected.  The Sasquatch
Tracker policy is to never
reveal your personal
information to any third
parties without your prior

Your name, address, phone
number and e-mail address
is requested only for the
purpose of contacting you
for follow-up questions
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Do not be upset if I don't respond to your submission immediately.  I am an independent in the
research and follow-up   proceedings take some time.  I eventually investigate all submissions and
in the order in which I receive them.  If your encounter is in Southeast Alaska, your submission will
be referred to Sasquatch Tracker Associate Robert Alley.

When submitting your encounter, please keep these points in mind:

Please avoid the use of profanities.  (Published portions of your encounter will be made available
to everyone, including children, students, preachers and sweet old grandmothers!)

Please do not exaggerate or embellish the details.  I strive for accuracy.  If you can’t remember a
particular detail, simply write, “no recollection” in the space provided.

Portions of your published encounter will be edited for content - all personal information and
identifying remarks contained in your submission will be deleted before publication to protect
your privacy
Sasquatch Tracker strives for
accuracy.  All investigations
are subject to a screening
process by Sasquatch
Tracker to insure compliance
with established standards
of evidence.  Submissions
that are obvious pranks or
hoaxes will be deleted.
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