Sasquatch Tracker's Alaska Database (as of 30MAY2013)
This database is continuously revised as more reports come in.

The year is shown first, followed by the event number for that year.  The individual letters denote the type of event, followed by the location
and a brief description of the event.

B – Behavioral (including nesting, tree breaks, abductions, etc.)
L – Legend (local legends or myths)
O – Other (not attributed to any other category)
S – Sighting (direct observation)
T – Tracks (direct observation)

For example: 1969/02/S – Galena, AK would be interpreted as the second event of 1969 with “S” denoting that the event was a sighting.

(Adapted from: Morgan, R. 2008.  
Bigfoot Observer’s Field Manual.  Pine Winds Press, Enumclaw, WA.)

After the description, the source is identified:
ACPR - Alaska Cryptozoology Primate Study
Anonymous - ? (often second or third hand information)
Alaska Dispatch -Alaska Dispatch
BFE -Bigfoot Encounters
BFRO - Bigfoot Field Research Organization
Delta Discovery - Delta Discovery
GCBRO -Gulf Coast Bigfoot Research Organization
IBS - International Bigfoot Society,
SIS -Sasquatch Information Society
OBF  -Oregon Bigfoot
Sasquatch Tracker -

Portions of this database are reprinted and sometimes edited for content to meet Sasquatch Tracker standards.  Some reports contain
copyrighted information.  These reports are used under Title 17 US Code for educational and research purposes only without benefit or
financial gain.  

Unknown/01/T – Eagle, AK
Tracks found, no other information.
OBF #01198

Unknown/02/S – Juneau, AK
Sighting at Pybus Bay near Juneau, no other details.
IBS #1017

Unknown/03/L – Katmai National Park
Rumor of Sasquatch legend, not verified.

Unknown/03/T – King Salmon, AK
Tracks discovered, no other details.
IBS #720

Unknown/04/L – Kilinkwan, AK
Alleged burial site near Klakas Inlet, Prince of Wales Island.
IBS #145, 2248

Unknown/05/BT – Mentasta, AK
Fuel drum moved, tracks discovered.
Sasquatch Tracker

Unknown/06/S – Prince of Wales Island, AK
Sighting between Hollis and Klawok.

Uknown/07/L – Wrangell, AK
Alleged story of girl being returned to family by sasquatch after wandering off.

Unknown/08/BL – Unknown Location, AK
Pilot has newlywed wife abducted during forced landing due to weather.  Inconclusive.

Unknown/09/ST – Kwethluk, AK
Witness has childhood recollection of sighting.  Tracks later discovered.
Delta Discovery, 13FEB2013

Unknown/10/S – Tuluksak River, AK
Hunter with brother and friend has sighting of reddish sasquatch.
Delta Discovery, 06FEB2013

Unkonwn/11/L – Unknown Location, AK
Legend of man killing sasquatch to be later harassed in village by other sasquatch until he departs for good.
Delta Discovery, 20JAN2013

Unknown/12/L – Menana, AK
Two people disappear in area where “yeti” was spotted by tourists.
IBS #2738

Unknown/13/B – Portlock, AK
Native village is abandoned after repeated visits and harassment by sasquatch.
IBS #3384

Unknown/13/T – King Salmon, AK
Witness tells friend via internet about finding 24 inch tracks in sand near King Salmon.
IBS #3144, 720

Unknown/14/T – Eagle, AK
Two cousins find tracks.  Village elder explains “they come down from the third peak” and “they don’t do anything really, just eat or take.”  
Reported to appear every 7-14 years.
OBF #1198

Unknown/15/TB – Iliamna, AK
Woman reports her laundry is torn down.  24 inch tracks discovered leading to FAA station.  Evidence of digging in berm beside road is also
discovered.  Neighbor reports a sighting through window three days later.
IBS #2778

Unknown/16/S – Prince of Wales island, AK
Man has face to face encounter, shoots and kills sasquatch.  Friends help man bury body.  Sasquatch Tracker believes this may be linked to
IBS #3342

Unknown/16/B – Meyers Chuck, AK
Brothers find crabapples stacked in pyramids.  Four pyramids total, 3 feet high and described like the way grocer would stack produce.
IBS #3388

Unknown/17/L – Pybus Bay, AK
Native legend of friendly dwarfs so heavy that they could not be picked up.
IBS #3496, 1071

1900 - 1929

1900/01/T – Nulato, AK
Tracks discovered, no other details.

1900/02/S – Petersburg, AK
Sighting near Thomas Bay from The Strangest Story Ever Told by Harry D. Colp.
IBS #385 and BFE

1900/03/B – Prince of Wales Island, AK
Man allegedly kills and buries a sasquatch.
IBS #892

1900/04/L – Unknown location
“Eskimos” kill and bury a “hairy man”.  Inconclusive.
IBS #1261

1900s/01/T – Peterson, AK
Tracks discovered between 1900 and 1925, no other details.

1900s/02/SB – Thomas Bay, AK
Loggers and fishermen see “hairy devils” digging clams and swimming.
IBS #926, 385

1900s /03/L – Valdez, AK
Investigation of bizarre deaths of prospectors attributed to the “Glacier Demon”.
IBS #2779

1905/01/S – Kenia, AK
Sighting near Portlock Bay, Cook Inlet.  No other details.

1909/01/L – Malaspina Glacier, AK
Frank Howard’s “The Beast in the Glacier” sighting.
IBS #3547

1918/01/S – Wrangell, AK
Sighting, no other details.

1920/01/L – Nulato, AK
Albert Petka allegedly is killed after fighting with sasquatch.

1921/01/V – Claude Point, AK
Man reports hearing three human like calls.  No one else present.
IBS #3548  

1920s/01/BT – Chinatown, Annette Island, AK
Report of rocks thrown at cabin by “just some old monkey”.  Large tracks discovered following day.
IBS #3549

1930 - 1960

1930s/01/O – Nelchina, AK
Native man allegedly kills sasquatch, no other details.

1930s/02/B – Unuk River, AK
Report of four inch limbs being twisted off in various locales.
IBS #3552

1933/01/SOV – Lake Iliamna, AK
Second hand report of friend having encounter as a child.  Child has sighting while playing with doll in cabin, smells offensive odor, then hears
whistle from outside of cabin.
OBF #500

1940s/01/B – Cape Chacon, AK
Report of of log being thrown from bushes at family.
IBS #3557

1940/01/SO – Bristol Bay, AK
Alleged capture of Sasquatch near Kaluka.  Is fed raw fish and later dies.

1942/01/S – Wrangell Narrows, AK
Sighting on beach, no other details.

1943/01/O – Ruby, AK
Man is alleged attacked and later dies near DeWilde’s Camp.

1947/01/S – Klawock, AK
Sighting at Hecatat Island, no other details.
IBS #1047

1948/01/V – Smeaton Bay, AK
Man camping hears two creatures chattering behind tent.
IBS #3562

1948/02/V – California Head, AK
Second hand report of hunter hearing noises that were not a bear.
IBS #3563

1948/03/O – Bartholomew Creek, Smeaton Bay, AK
Report of two men finding a “jawbone larger than a man’s”.
IBS #3564

1949/01/TB – Kenia, AK
Tracks discovered, signs of struggle, hunters found mutilated at Portlock Bay.

1950s/01/BV – Klawock, AK
Report of vandalism to cabin, vocalizations and finding bear traps sprung with stick overnight.
IBS #3573

1951/01/SVB – Klawock, AK
Report of vandalism around house, vocalizations and reddish and brown sasquatches seen.
IBS #3566

1952/01/BV – Klawock, AK
Report of vandalism and vocalizations around house.
IBS #3567

1952/02/BV – Wild Man Cove, Dora Bay, AK
Man reports loud yells circling him in muskeg.
IBS #3568

1955/01/SBL – Turnagain, AK
Second hand story of child seeing juvenile sasquatch in cabin that later steals some food.

1955/02/SB – Ketchikan, AK
Six youths report seeing sasquatch chase deer across road.
IBS #3570

1956/01/ST – Ketchikan, AK
Sighting and tracks in Inside Passage, no other details.

1956/01/V – Unuk River, AK
Three men hear wailing and chattering around camp for one hour.  They call back and forth with it.
IBS #3571

1960s/01/L – Kwethlik, AK
Legend of runaway boy named Gabriel Fox who transforms into sasquatch to survive and later abduction by military or US Government.
Delta Discovery, 30JAN2013

1960/01/S – Ketchikan, AK
Sighting from boat, no other details.

1960/02/S – Ruby, AK
Sighting 10 miles down Yukon River, no other details.

1960/03/S – Metlakatna, AK
Fishermen see tall sasquatch standing in water near dock then see it swim underwater.
IBS #3574

1960s/01/O – Mentast, AK
Person kidnapped by sasquatch, no other details.
Sasquatch Tracker

1960s/02/S – Rudyerd Bay, AK
Third hand report of hunter describing tall, black hairy manlike creature chasing mountain goats down towards hunters at treeline.
IBS #3387

1961 - 1990

1964/01/S – Fairbanks, AK
Sighting 35 miles south of Fairbanks on Richardson Highway.
BFRO #1256

1966/01/S – Hyder, AK
Sighting on Mountain Road north of Hyder.  Hunters shoot bear and a sasquatch flees up mountainside.  
IBS #386

1966/02/O – Kobuck River, AK
Man allegedly kills a sasquatch then destroys body.

1966/03/S – Jade Mountain, AK
Hunter comes face to face with Sasquatch near mine.  No other details
Alaska Dispatch, 25SEPT2012

1966/04/SB – Ward Lake, AK
Three women see sasquatch near tent.  They relocate to a picnic shelter and are followed.  Later an axe is stolen.
IBS #3577

1966/05/BO – Ward Lake, AK
Six people in car have the car lifted by the rear bumper and shaken.
IBS #3578

1967 or 1968/01/S – Tombstone Bay, Portland Canal, AK
Two men report observing dark sasquatch digging with stick on beach.
IBS #3580

1968/01/S – Galena, AK
Sighting along Yukon River.

1968/02/S – Hyder, AK
Sighting north of Hyder, no other details.

1968/03/O – Kenia, AK
Hunter frightened in gully, no other details.

1969/01/L – Fort Yukon, AK
Man is attacked and then allegedly kills Sasquatch.

1969/02/S – Galena, AK
Sighting on Yukon River between Galena and Ruby.

1969/03/S – Galena, AK
Sighting at Bear Creek drainage.

1969/04/T – Juneau, AK
Tracks discovered at Whitewater Bay, no other details.

1969/05/S – Wrangell, AK
Sighting along Bradfield Canal.

1969/06/S – Bradfield Canal, AK
Two men report a sasquatch observing them.
IBS #3581

1970/01/V- Chugiak, AK
Sounds heard near railroad tracks by Birchwood Loop.

1970/02/ST – Chugiak, AK
Tracks found near Birchwood Loop during day and sighting at night.

1970/03/S – Chugiak, AK
Sighting on four wheel drive trail near Birchwood Loop.

1970/04/S – Delta Junction, AK
Sighting by US Army training unit at Black Rapids Glacier.
BFRO #1258 and IBS #719

1970/05/B – Galena, AK
Allegedly raided smokehouse full of salmon.
IBS #388

1970/06/S – Huslia, AK
Sighting, no other details given.

1970/07/S – Huslia, AK
Sighting southeast of Selawik, northeast of Nome.
IBS #387

1970/08/S – Prince of Wales Island, AK
Sighting at Tombstone Bay, no other details.
IBS #1083

1970/09/V – Stikine River, AK
Group hears screams that were not cougar.
IBS #3582

1970/10/L – Huslia, AK
Anthropologist / Firefighter reports talking to natives about recent sightings of sasquatch said to appear in mid-September right before
IBS #387

1970/11/B – Galena (Nakentlia) AK
Report of sasquatch raiding skokehouse of dried salmon in village.
IBS #388

1970s/01/B/T – King Salmon, AK
Cessna Supercubs damaged, tracks discovered.  No other details.
Alaska Dispatch, 25SEPT2012

1970s/02/SB – Tombstone Bay, AK
Report of black fur covered manlike creature observed through binoculars sitting on beach digging with stick, occasionally putting one hand in
IBS #1083

1970s/03/S – Metlakatna, AK
Hunter reports seeing upright fur covered manlike creature running across road “faster than a deer”.
IBS #3599

1970s/04/SB – Tombstone Bay, AK
Black sasquatch observed digging in beach sand with stick. (Similar to 1970s/02/SB)
IBS #3849

1970s/05/S – Black Rapids Glacier, AK
Army members witness tall dark figure walking upright crossing snow at base of mountain.
IBS #3143

1970s/06/S – Yakutat, AK
Report of berry pickers shooting 7 foot sasquatch.  Sasquatch returns in following years.
IBS #3597

1972/01/B – Ketchikan, AK
Report of eight foot diameter nest near logging road.
IBS #3583

1973/01/SV – Juneau, AK
Sighting and vocalizations at sawmill near Juneau.
IBS #1556

1973/02/S – Kenia, AK
Vocalizations heard near Dogfish Bay Lagoon, no other details.

1973/03/SB – Juneau, AK
Winter care-takers hear noise, have sighting and describe sasquatch moving 55 gallon drums around.
IBS #1556

1974/01/STV – Kenia, AK
Sighting, tracks and vocalizations involving lost snowmobilers.
IBS #1798

1974/02/T – Haines, AK
Men discover 18 inch man like tracks, reddish hair, copious amounts of blood and wolf tracks.
IBS #3587

1974/03/S – Spacious Bay, AK
Tugboat crewman spots a sasquatch on beach.
IBS #3586

1975/01/S – Unknown location
Sighting while berry picking on tundra.
IBS #1244

1975/02/S – Cholmondeley Sound, AK
Parent and daughter observe reddish creature with legs moving bent over on beach, viewed from sailboat.
IBS #3590

1977/01/T – Kenia Peninsula, AK
Tracks discovered in steep ravine during mid-winter.
IBS #2780

1977/02/V – Granite Basin, AK
Man hears a series of loud calls and chuckling noises.
IBS #3591

1978/01/T – Newhalen, AK
Tracks discovered, no other details.
IBS #389-390,

1978/02/SO – Anchorage, AK
Witness spots sasquatch near FAA Station and fires .357 magnum, drawing blood.
IBS #2777

1978/03/SB – Saxman, AK
Boy reports sighting of sasquatch drinking water from cupped hand at nearby creek.
IBS #3592

1978/04/TB – Iliamna and Newhalen, AK
Woman reports laundry torn off line by 8 foot tall sasquatch.  100 tracks 24 inches long discovered.
IBS #389, 390

1978 or 1979/01/V – Ketchikan, AK
Group hears loud, long scream, described as sounding like elephant trumpeting only louder at last Chance Campground.
IBS #3593

1979/01/S – Hidden Inlet, AK
Man reports to friends that he saw 7 foot, black, man shaped creature observing him from shore.  He aims rifle at it and it walks away on
two legs.
IBS #3596

1980s/01/S – Kenia, AK
Sighting on Skilak Lake Road off main highway.
BFRO #1259, IBS #797

1980s/02/T – Ketchikan, AK
Tracks discovered in Whipple Creek area
IBS #1263

1980s/03/S – Prince of Wales Island, AK
Sighting near Thorne Bay, no other details.
IBS #1264

1980s/04/S – Petersville, AK
Young musher has sighting near Forks Roadhouse.
Delta Discovery, 15MAY2013

1980s/05/T – Ketchikan, AK
Second hand report of National Guard member finding 15 inch track up Whipple Creek.
IBS #1263

1980/01/T – Thorn’s Creek, AK
Two pilots observe long chain of bipedal tracks in snow on mountain.
IBS #3602

1980/02/SO – Thorne Bay, AK
Woman reports having 7 foot dark colored sasquatch run alongside vehicle while driving 35 MPH for 10 seconds.  Woman is horrified and
describes smell as offensive and rolls up window.
IBS #1264

1980/03/ST – Hessa Inlet, AK
Man reports two tall black creatures digging on beach, tracks found by men.
IBS #3600

1981/01/S – Metlakatla, AK
Report of sasquatch observing man on boat.
IBS #3604

1981/02/S – Mink Bay, AK
Second hand report of mother watching a large, black, hairy manlike creature on shore, 50 feet from fishing boat.
IBS #3603

1982/01/S – Dillingham, AK
Sighting near Wood – Ticchik Narrows Lakes region.  Alleged photo taken.  
IBS #517, 2860

1982/02/S – Ketchikan Lakes, AK
Man reports observing 10 foot tall dark colored sasquatch resting/sleeping in cave.
IBS #3605

1985/01/S – Yakobi Island, AK
Sighting near Soapstone Bay, inconclusive.
IBS #1265

1985/02/T – Flicker Creek, Prince of Wales Island, AK
Three men report finding 15 inch tracks in snow at end of logging road.
IBS #3612

1985/03/S – Soapstone Bay, AK
Fishing crew reports large brown bear becomes alarmed and runs off, followed by a 9 foot black sasquatch appearing on beach.
IBS #3611

1986/01/S – Cantwell, AK
Sighting by hunter during caribou hunting.

1986-1987/01/OB – Ward Lake, AK
Second hand report of damage to neighbor’s car caused by big creature walking on two legs.
IBS #3621

1986/03/V – Smeaton Bay, AK
Hunter reports loud scream, not a cougar.
IBS #3616

1986/04/V – Unuk River, AK
Three men report three loud calls “like a monkey whoop”.
IBS #3614

1987/01/S – Nakchuk, AK
Sighting, no other details, not located on map.
SIS #5

1987/02/S – Labouchere Bay, AK
Man reports seeing five foot black creature running along top of clearcut.
IBS #3620

1987/03/B – Klawock, AK
Logging engineer reports finding 8 foot diameter nest of woven cedar with long hair in it.
IBS #3624

1988/01/TV – Barrow, AK
Special Forces Unit on training mission discovers tracks and hears vocalization.
BFRO #6486

1988/02/B – Affleck Channel, AK
Men report heavy running footsteps that rocked boat at night, ssasquatch then dives into water.
IBS #3622

1989/01/B – Ketchikan, AK
Hunters report theft of deer carcass within minutes of killing deer with rifle.
IBS #3626

1990s/01/S – Valdez, AK
Sighting on east side of Prince William Sound.
BFRO #1261

1990s/02/S – Bethel, AK
Sisters traveling by snow machine have sighting.
Delta Discovery, 17APR2013

1990/01/SB – Clarence Strait, AK
Report of man on fishing vessel observing swimming sasquatch.  Crewmen aboard vessel also relate seeing this behavior two other times.
IBS #3019

1991 - Present

1991/01/B- Ketchikan, AK
Second report of friend being “knocked out” by a rock thrown at him on Connell Road.
IBS #3629

1991/02/OL – Prince of Wales Island, AK
J. Robert Alley (Sasquatch Tracker Associate) hears of trees being rammed into ground vertically.  Local lore tells of “those big black hairy
gorillas” do it to mark territory.
IBS #1029, 3509

1992/01/S – Denali Park, AK
Sighting along Parks Highway near hotels and raft rental area.
BFRO #1260

1992/02/S - Dillingham, AK
Passengers on Mark Air Express flight see a sasquatch walking into a ravine.
IBS #2782

1992/03/T – Manokotak Village, AK
Tracks discovered in snow.  State biologist confirms tracks are consistent with “fairly common stories” of sasquatch.
IBS #2783

1992/04/S – Ketchikan, AK
Report of seven foot sasquatch with white eye shine.
IBS #3631

1992/05/S – Crab bay, AK
Father and son fishermen report seeing beige man-sized sasquatch on beach.
IBS #3633

1992/06/S – Ernest Sound, AK
Man reports watching pregnant female through rifle scope.
IBS #3634

1993/01/S – Klawock Lake, AK
Husband and wife report sighting of sasquatch crossing road.
IBS #3636

1993-1994/02/BT – Klawock Lake, AK
7.5 foot nest found with handprint, scat and hair.
IBS #3366

1993/03/V – Old Frank’s Divide, Prince of Wales Island, AK
Forestry professional reports loud calls, “somewhat like a monkey”.
IBS #3637

1994/01/S – Haines, AK
Sighting at Beach Road area.

1994/02/B – Prince of Wales Island, AK
Alleged nest found on east side of Klawok Lake.
IBS #911

1994/03/VO – Hydaburg, AK
Man reports hearing four loud whistles and wooden rapping noise.
IBS #3640

1994-1997/04/T – Yes Bay, AK
Family finds large tracks up old roads.
IBS #3641

1995/01/S – Hydaburg, AK
Sighting on Saltery Road between sort yard and dump.
BFRO #2917

1995/02/ST – Port Simpson, AK
Tracks found and sighting on hunting trail.
SIS #246

1995/03/ST – Prince of Wales Island, AK
Tracks found and sighting north of Meyers Chuck.
IBS #1004

1995/03/S – Klawock, AK
Second hand report of boyfriend and girlfriend sighting dark brown sasquatch.
IBS #3642

1995/04/STB – Cleveland Peninsula, AK
Man observes pregnant sasquatch from boat with rifle scope.
IBS #1004

1996/01/VB – Bostwick Inlet, AK
Nephew and uncle report vocalization by creek and return to find camp vandalized.
IBS #3645

1996/02/T – Noatak River, AK
Two caribou hunters discover track in mud near river.  One of the hunters returns later to the site and finds other set of tracks.
IBS #2755

1997/01/V – Fairbanks, AK
Sounds heard on Jones Road in Goldstream Valley
BFRO #1995

1997/02/SB – Juneau, AK
Man reports a friend of his encounters five sasquatch while hiking near Echo Ranch Bible Camp.  Stones are thrown by the sasquatch in an
“attempt to scare him away”.  
IBS #777

1997/03/S – Selawik, AK
Second hand report of group of people having sightings at dump.  Report of “sing-song” like voices.  Prior to sighting, local hunter has moose
ribs stolen when other parts of moose with more meat were available, not attributed to bear activity.
IBS #3220, 786

1997/04/V – Tombstone Bay, AK
Man hears loud non-human scream from forest.
IBS #3648

1997/05/S – Baranof Island, AK
Fishermen see 8-9 foot, dark brown sasquatch.
IBS #3647

1998/01/S – Fairbanks, AK
Sighting at Trainor Gate Road, Birch Hill, Fort Wainwright.
BFRO #1257, IBS #3140

1998/02/S – Bethel, AK
Sighting along Mulchatna River, 45 air miles from Lake Iliamna.
BFRO #1255 and IBS #1065

1998/03/SB – Juneau, AK
Sighting and rocks thrown at Echo Bible Camp near Juneau.
IBS #777

1998/04/S – Ketchikan, AK
Sighting south of Whipple Creek Bridge.
IBS #1262

1998/05/S – Ketchikan, AK
Sighting 12 miles north of town.

1998/06/S – Ketchikan, AK
Sighting at Settler’s Cove near Whipple Creek.
IBS #976

1998/07/S – Selawik, AK
Sighting at Selawik City Dump.
IBS #786

1998/08/S – Mulchatna River Drainage, AK
Hunters have sighting while looking for caribou.
BFRO #1255, IBS#1065

1998/09/S – Sterling, AK
Sighting on dirt road near Skilak Lake.
IBS #797

1998/10/T – Ketchikan, AK
15 inch track discovered in muskeg.
IBS #3654

1998/11/V – Betton Island, AK
Friends report two loud screams coming from forest at night.
IBS #3655

1998/11/O – Upper Wolf Lake, AK
Hunters report while searching for wounded bear (shot) previous night, they find bear carcass stuffed into muskeg hole and covered with
sphagnum moss.  Moss was placed in such a way that it required the use of hands.
IBS #3657

1998/12/SO – Ketchikan, AK
Bike rider near Whipple Creek has sighting and reports offensive smell.
IBS #976, 3653, 3445

1998/13/S – Ketchikan, AK
Sasquatch Tracker Associate J. Robert Alley and stepson witness road crossing south of Whipple Creek Bridge.
IBS #1262, 4054

1998/14/S – Ketchikan, AK
Family observes seven sasquatch walk, then run across highway near Whipple Creek.
IBS #3652

1998/15/B – Thome Arm, AK
Lid ripped from dynamite freezer with no claw scratches or pry marks, nothing taken.
IBS #3656

1998/16/VB – Ketchikan, AK
Second hand report of friends hearing loud rapping, trees breaking and rhythmic “booming” above the end of brown Mountain Road.
IBS #3664

1998/17/V – Rudyerd Bay, AK
Report of loud series of yells in Behm Canal.
IBS #3658

1998/18/T – Wrangell, AK
Report of “size 10” barefoot tracks in sand.
IBS #3659

1999/01/S – Cold Bay, AK
Alleged sighting by fisherman.

1999/02/B – Koyukuk River, AK
Stones thrown at cabin on 2 occasions, South Fork, 200 miles from Fairbanks.
IBS #1216

1999/03/T – Kwethluck, AK
Tracks discovered near Kiseralik River, no other details.

1999/04/S – Petersburg, AK
Sighting at Thomas Bay, no other details.
IBS #926

1999/05/S – Saxman, AK
Group reports seeing sasquatch run across service road near parked car.
IBS #3667

1999/06/S – Ketchikan, AK
Anonymous witness states seeing six foot light brown sasquatch pulling at salmonberry branches in ditch at 5:00 AM
IBS #3668

1999/07/V – Gertrude Lake, AK
Hunter and companions report hearing 10 second long howl.
IBS #3665

1999/07/S – Ketchikan, AK
Woman has sighting on Ward Lake Road near Signal Creek Campground.
IBS #3885

1999/08/T – Boca de Quadra Inlet, AK
Report of boyfriend and girlfriend discovering 15 inch biped tracks on beach with 12 foot stride.
IBS #3666

1999/09/O – Klawock Lake, AK
Three inverted cedar trees jammed into muskeg, rock crains found nearby.
IBS #3669

1999/10/BVT – Koyukuk River, AK
Rocks thrown at cabin roof, growling and thumping on door to outhouse.  18 inch tracks with six foot strides discovered.  Reported to dig
clams during full moons and interested in fire, often approaching campfires.  Subsequent report of walking to river to splash water on itself.  
Subsequent report of assaulting man with rock while he cooked trout.
IBS #3996, 1216

2000/01/S – Kennicott, AK
Sighting on trail to glacier near abandoned mine shaft.

2000/02/T – Hidden Lake, AK
Tracks discovered by M. Charlie Thompson of Sasquatch Tracker along trail to lake.
Sasquatch Tracker

2000/03/T – Island Lake, AK
Tracks discovered on trail by M. Charlie Thompson of Sasquatch Tracker.
Sasquatch Tracker

2000/04/ST – Kake, AK
Sighting and tracks near town, no other details.
IBS #1266

2000/05/S – Ketchikan, AK
Sighting on Ward Lake Road.
IBS #1107

2000/06/TV – Ketchikan, AK
Tracks and vocalizations 5 miles up Whipple Creek.

2000/07/S – Palmer, AK
Sighting near palmer Butte, no other details.
SIS #120

2000/08/T – Palmer, AK
Tracks discovered on Fishhook Road near edge of swamp.
BFRO #597

2000/09/T – Portland Canal, AK
Tracks discovered on American side of north Pearse Island.
IBS #1082

2000/10/S – Willow, AK
Sighting 10 miles from Wasilla, no other details.

2000/11/SV – Kennecott, AK
Hikers have sighting near glacier.  Grunting sounds heard later.
BFRO #637

2000/12/B – Ketchikan, AK
Husband and wife report 600 pound furnace outside of house is picked up and thrown overnight.
IBS #3676

2000/13/VO – Ketchikan, AK
Man reports hearing yelling louder than human or wolf on Brown Mountain Road.  Also reports finding large horizontal tree limb debarked
atypical of bears.
IBS #3677

2000/14/T – Portland Canal, AK
Fishermen observe bipedal tracks in snow on shore.
IBS #1082

2000/15/SVB – Hydaburg, AK
Children playing outside see large hair covered manlike creature walking along edge of trees.  Creature walks off and grabs saplings,
shakes them and screamed at children.
IBS #4029

2000/16/ST – Kake, AK
Boyfriend and girlfriend see 5 foot dark brown or black sasquatch leap from ditch and climb six foot sloping ditch in snow.  Road crew finds
numerous tracks following day.
IBS #1266, 3672, 4057

2001/01/ST – Hollis, AK
Sighting and tracks at Harris River campground, 4 miles west of Hollis.
BFRO #8797

2001/02/S – Juneau, AK
Three friends witness 6.5 foot dark brown sasquatch with red eye shine approach campfire.
IBS #3680

2001/03/S – Ketchikan, AK
Second hand report of military officer sighting a 7 foot or more sasquatch watching him from 20 feet then crossing highway at Last Chance
IBS #3683

2001/04/O – Ketchikan, AK
J. Robert Alley (Sasquatch Tracker Associate) and other witness examined 40 foot, 4 inch diameter green alder snapped off at four feet
above ground and bent over horizontally.
IBS #3686  

2002/01/S – Cantwell, AK
Sighting along Parks Highway.

2002/02/V – Haines, AK
Sound heard, no specific location noted other than “family property”.
SIS #211

2002/03/S – Ketchikan, AK
Sighting, no other details.

2002/04/T – Willow, AK
Tracks found game trail.
SIS #222

2002/05/S – Hydaburg, AK
Husband and wife have highway sighting around 2330 hours.
IBS #3690

2002/06/T – Ketchikan, AK
Fuel delivery man reports finding biped tracks entering forest behind customer’s house.
IBS #3687

2002/07/T – Ketchikan, AK
15 inch, 5 toed tracks discovered in mud and snow near Herring Cove Bridge.
IBS #3688

2002/08/T – Ketchikan, AK
Beachcombers discover two sets of 5 toed tracks, approximately 16 and 20 inches near mouth of White River. Larger set of tracks had over
five foot stride.
IBS #3689

2002/09/S – Craig, AK
Woman and taxi driver see a sasquatch run across highway into small quarry.  Taxi driver refuses request to follow it.
IBS #3692

2002/10/S – Baranof Island, AK
Two women report seeing tall, dark haired sasquatch walking into forest on Old Pulp Mill Road.
IBS #3691

2003/01/O – Anchorage, AK
Person chased by unknown creature near Lake Otis and Dowling Road.
BFRO #8792

2003/01/S – Port Simpson, AK
Sighting on game trail.
SIS #259

2003/02/S – Tetlin, AK
Sighting near resident’s smokehouse.
Sasquatch Tracker

2004/01/ST – Anchorage, AK
Sighting and tracks discovered in Potter’s Marsh.
BFRO #13038

2004/02/S – Alaska Highway near Gardner Creek.
Driver has noon time sighting along road
BFRO #9317

2004/03/T – Bristol Bay, AK
Tracks found on mouth of Bear Creek Spit near southeast corner of Becharoff Lake.
BFRO #11616

2004/04/S – Hydaburg, AK
Sighting at edge of town near Main Street.
BFRO #7963

2004/05/T – Egegik, AK
Fishermen discover large tracks.
BFRO #11616

2005/01/S – Anchorage, AK
Sighting in woods near Providence Medical Center.

2005/02/S – Mentasta, AK
Night time sighting by fisherman.
Sasquatch Tracker

2007/01/V – Eastern Interior, AK
Hunter hears howling during moose season.
Sasquatch Tracker

2008/01/S – Tok, AK
Sighting from porch of residence.
Sasquatch Tracker

2008/02/B – Northway, AK
M. Charlie Thompson of Sasquatch Tracker and son hear tree knocking sounds at private property.
Sasquatch Tracker

2008/03/T – Border City, AK
M. Charlie Thompson of Sasquatch Tracker and sons discover two separate sets of tracks on game trail.
Sasquatch Tracker

2008/04/S – Haines Highway, AK
Snowbound travelers have roadside sighting.
Sasquatch Tracker

2008/05/B – Chicken, AK
Hunter describes hearing powerful wood knocks at remote cabin.
Sasquatch Tracker, BFRO #25442

2008/05/S - Border City, AK
Passenger traveling Alaska Highway sees bi-pedal creature cross highway.
BFRO #23666

2009/01/T - Gardner Creek, AK
M. Charlie Thompson of Sasquatch Tracker and son discover track on game trail while hunting.
Sasquatch Tracker

2009/02/S – Fairbanks, AK
Daytime sighting of reddish colored sasquatch near Auburn and Farmer’s Loop Road
BFRO #26604

2010/01/S – Denali Park, AK
Man has sighting while on park tour bus.
Sasquatch Tracker

2010/02/S – Meade River, AK
Sasquatch follows boat traveling down river.
Alaska Dispatch, 25SEPT2012

2011/01/S – Meade River, AK
Mother and sons see three sasquatch together.
Sasquatch Tracker

2011/02/S – Ketchikan, AK
Sighting on logging road.
Alaska Dispatch, 18MAY2011

2011/03/S – Chevak, AK
Couple spot sasquatch near airport.
Delta Discovery, 20FEB2013

2011/04/S – Emmonak, AK
Utility Lineman walks to within 10-15 feet of sasquatch believing it is a person.
Delta Discovery, 27FEB2013

2011/05/S – Emmonak, AK
Utility Lineman working on pole has sighting of white colored sasquatch.
Delta Discovery, 27FEB2013

2012/01/T – Border City, AK
M. Charlie Thompson of Sasquatch Tracker and sons find track on local access road.
Sasquatch Tracker

2012/01/S – Meade River, AK
Caribou hunters have sighting near lake.
Sasquatch Tracker

2012/02/S – Kasigluk, AK
Mother and sons have sighting while riding four wheelers.
Alaska Dispatch, 28JAN2013

2012/03/S – Tuluksak, AK
Pilot and passenger see two sasquatch running on ice.  Believed to be parent / offspring.
Delta Discovery, 06MAR2013

2012/04/S – Kasigluk, AK
Springtime sighting by man.  No other details.
Delta Discovery, 30JAN2013

2013/01/S – Tok River Bridge, AK
Mother and sons see sasquatch crossing AK Highway.
Sasquatch Tracker

2013/02/S – Chefornak, AK
Father and son have sighting while stranded checking fish traps.
Delta Discovery, 20MAR2013

2013/03/S - Border, AK
Hunters discover set of tracks near bear baiting station.
Sasquatch Tracker