This database is continuously updated as more reports come in.

The year is shown first, followed by the event number for that year.  The individual letters
denote the type of event, followed by the location and a brief description of the event.  
(Adapted from: Morgan, R. 2008.  Bigfoot Observer’s Field Manual.  Pine Winds Press,
Enumclaw, WA.)

B – Behavioral (including nesting, tree breaks, abductions, etc.)
L – Legend (local legends or myths)
O – Other (not attributed to any other category)
S – Sighting (direct observation)
T – Tracks (direct observation)
V - Vocalization

For example: 1969 / 02 / S – Galena, AK would be interpreted as the second event of 1969
with “S” denoting that the event was a sighting.

After the description, the source is identified:
ACPR - Alaska Cryptozoology Primate Study
Anonymous - ? (often second or third hand information)
Alaska Dispatch -
Alaska Dispatch
BFE -Bigfoot Encounters
BFRO - Bigfoot Field Research Organization
Delta Discovery - Delta Discovery
GCBRO -Gulf Coast Bigfoot Research Organization
IBS - International Bigfoot Society, www.internationalbigfootsociety.com
Sasquatch Information Society
OBF  -Oregon Bigfoot
Sasquatch Tracker - www.sasquatchtracker.com

Sasquatch Tracker note: a great deal of the International Bigfoot Society (IBS) reports are
credited to J. Robert Alley.  Alley is  a Sasquatch Tracker Associate and handles the reports for
Southeast Alaska.  Alley is the author of Raincoast Sasquatch (a personal favorite of Sasquatch
Tracker and highly recommended) and is available

Portions of this database are reprinted and sometimes edited for content to meet Sasquatch
Tracker standards.  Some reports contain copyrighted information.  These reports are used
under Title 17 US Code for educational and research purposes only without benefit or
financial gain.
THE ALASKA FILES (As compiled by M.C. Thompson)
Alaska's  Boreal Sasquatch & Marked Hominid  Authority since 2005.