I am a private and independent researcher currently concentrating my search for sasquatch in the northern frontier of
Alaska.  The primary focus of my research, field investigation and expeditions are in the interior of Alaska and the
border area of the Yukon Territory.
"Is Sasquatch really in Alaska?"
Well, the short answer is: Yes!

You see, most people associate sasquatch with remote sections of northern California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho and
even British Columbia.  It's a well know fact that those areas have a high concentration of Sasquatch, but those areas
are not the only place to find them.

Sasquatch is in Alaska and people are talking about him.  Through my research, I have discovered that Alaska has over
a century of recorded encounters.  The oral history of Sasquatch among Alaska's native peoples, as with other native
groups, is even older.

I found documented sightings and encounters as well as oral history that stretched from the fern laden rain forests of
the southeast to the tundra and muskeg of the arctic.  I can't think of any other animal in Alaska that has that broad of
a range other than perhaps a coyote.  Even Alaska's three species of bears, the black bear, the grizzly bear and the polar
bear don't boast that big of a range.
The Boreal Sasquatch Research Project
Mid-afternoon discovery by bear hunters on Sept. 16, 2013

N 62 Deg. 36'.636"  x  W 141 Deg. 01'.776"
Elevation: 2638'
Slope: approximately 25 degrees.

One left track was found near a local hiking trail by four bear hunters and reported directly to Sasquatch Tracker.  
Upon initial examination, the true track measured 13 inches long and 5 inches wide and was an average of 1.5 inches in
depth.  After removing forest debris from the track, 5 separate toe impressions were visible with a slight indentation
just below the ball of the foot suggestive of a mid-tarsal break.  No other tracks or signs were discovered.  One lone
track found like this is usually attributed to a stone being removed from the earth, however the toe impressions
indicated otherwise.  

Incidentally, this is one of several reports made by experienced local bear hunters who are very familiar with what
bear tracks should look like.

The surrounding area is heavily forested with alders, birch, black spruce, arctic rose, mushrooms, wild arctic roses, low
bush cranberries and numerous grasses.  Intermittent creeks and drainages abound in the area and it is the opinion of
Sasquatch Tracker that this area has the resources to support at least one individual sasquatch.
Alaska's Cryptid Authority Since 2005
Ward Lake Track, Ketchikan, AK
June 2007, Courtesy of J. Robert Alley
"Alaska's Cryptid Authority since 2005."
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Airs Mountain Track, Border,AK
Sept. 2013, Courtesy of C. Thompson
Airs Mountain Track Discovery: Border, AK
Oldest North American Bigfoot Film - 1948 Mountain View, Alaska
As shared by Daniel Perez, Publisher of BIGFOOT TIMES

In the May 2014 issue of BIGFOOT TIMES it was pointed out that the 1962 Colorado Roosevelt National Forest film
made by the late Alfred Bouvier predated the famous P-G film (1967) by several years.  This makes the Bouvier film the
oldest of its kind in the United States.

BIGFOOT TIMES publisher Daniel Perez pointed out that there may be an even older film made by an uncle
of the late Joan Jeffers.  In a discussion with Jeffers before her passing, Perez learned that in 1948, Jeffers' uncle had a
Bigfoot encounter and shot an 8mm film of it in Mountain View, Alaska, north of Anchorage.  Perez said the legendary
John Green had given him information, adding that the "uncle was always interested in Sasquatch information and had
told her father he had seen one and filmed it..."  Green further added that the subject was "... just something tall and
hairy walking through a field in Alaska."  

The film is reported to be just a few seconds in length and it was first viewed by Jeffers in 1991 while making a video of
8mm family movies.  Perez was able to speak with Jeffers in 1994 and learned that "the film was shot with large
electrical towers nearby  and that her aunt (Jeffers' aunt) had witnessed the event as her husband shot the film while
driving a truck along a road."

This makes the 1948 Mountain View film the oldest of its kind in North America.  While many could argue that it is
the oldest of its kind in the United States, it should be noted that Alaska was just a territory in 1948 and didn't have
statehood until 1959.
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